ShinyConc is a framework for generating custom web-based concordancers. To see it in action, try the Inaugural Corpus demo

Slice and dice your data

Do you have rich annotations for your texts? ShinyConc allows you to easily select the components of your corpus to use for your analysis. You can even restrict searches to texts containing particular words.

Powerful corpus-linguistic tools

In addition to the KWIC view, ShinyConc offers powerful regex-based counting, word lists, and keyword analyses between subcorpora. All of this works together with the flexible filtering mechanisms.

Easy setup

Get started in minutes - all you need is an internet connection, R, RStudio, and a .csv file containing the metadata for your corpus. We have a detailed tutorial that walks you through the process.

Extensible with shiny

If you need more than what basic ShinyConc can do, you have the full power of R and Shiny at your fingertips. ShinyConc is free, open source software.

Cross-platform, local and web

ShinyConc runs on any computer running R and RStudio/Shiny, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. If you choose to host your concordancer on the web, it can also be accessed using mobile devices (Android/iOS phones and tablets).

ShinyConc is powered by, but in no way affiliated with, RStudio and Shiny. Created by Christoph Wolk and Bridgit Fastrich.